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SEO Events

Read about the events Christoph C. Cemper joined last year and have a look at the upcoming events. Looking forward to meet you on any of these conferences!

City 2013 Event Date Summary
Leeds ionSearch April 18-19 Christoph C. Cemper will speak at ionSearch on the Link Removal panel on his experiences with bad links, link removals and those 90,000 domains already analyzed in Link Detox. He also hosts a work shop and talks about “SEO Tool Kits”
Another session “Risk Management in Link Building 2013″ on Friday 19th in the Keynote Theatre will highlight more examples and provide deeper details on how to change your mindset form a “cost per link” to the new required risk vs. reward thinking. Christoph also participates at the final Round Up Expert Panel on Friday. If you need more information, please check the Agenda Overview.
Amsterdam a4uexpo Europe July 02-03 Christoph C. Cemper delivers his presentation “Interflora vs. Google: Risk Management for your links and SEO”. The focus is the question: “How it is possible in the times of penguin that you can still build links and how can you get better rankings after being hit by an unnatural link warning?” You will also learn how to assess your own risk of managing your links and how you can facilitate the monitoring of link management.
Salzburg OMX November 21 The OMX is a conference for online marketing experts. Top speakers will talk about various aspects of online marketing including topics like traffic channels, advertising methods, tracking, e-commerce and conversion optimization. Even for those who have “only” worked in SEO will find new opportunities and chances to learn something. Christoph C. Cemper will open the event at 9am and will talk about estimates for the development of online marketing in terms of SEO. Please find more information here.
Salzburg SEOkomm Conference November 22 The SEOkomm conference is already the checkpoint for all SEO experts and marketing decision makers. 99.6% of all surveyed visitors were enthusiastic about the SEOkomm 2012 and now in 2013 the focus is again on hard SEO facts, professional know-how and networking. On the SEOkomm Christoph C.Cemper makes a presentation about “Link Risk Management”, where he will talk about how you can still build links in the time of penguin, the importance of managing the risk of your links and how to minimize your own link risk. Please find the agenda here.
City 2012 Event Date Summary
Berlin SEO Campixx March 09-11 Christoph C. Cemper will be one of the speakers at the SEO Campixx 2012. The program will be announced soon.
Barcelona a4uexpo Europe June 19-20 Christoph C. Cemper delivers his presentation “The Changing Dynamics of Link Building for Google – 2012 and Beyond”. Google’s last update redefines how links are evaluated on paid link networks and other broadcasted statements. Christoph presents ways to improve your link building campaign and guard your Google rank.
Salzburg SEOkomm Conference Nov 23 Christoph C. Cemper will participate at the SEOkomm conference on 23th of November 2012.
City 2011 Event Date Summary
Berlin SEO Campixx March 12-13 Christoph C. Cemper will be one of the speakers at the SEO Campixx 2011. The program will be announced soon.
New York SES New York March 21-25 Christoph C. Cemper will participate at the conference and hold a full-day Link Building Workshop where he will reveal the secrets of how to get a high-quality juicy links.
Munich Link Building Experts Workshop June 06 As part of the SEOkomm academy Christoph C. Cemper will hold the “Link Building Experts Workshop “.
Munich a4u Expo June 08 Christoph C. Cemper will particitpate at the a4u Expo in Munich on 8th of June 2011.
Vienna Operative Linkbuilding – Prospecting, Acquise, Controlling July 19-20 Together with Saša Ebach, Christoph C. Cemper will hold the seminar “Operative Linkbuilding – Prospecting, Acquise, Controlling” within the SEOkomm academy.
Vienna Linkbuilding Expert Roundtable July 21 Christoph C. Cemper will be present as one of the four Linkbuilding Experts at the Linkbuilding Expert Roundtable in Vienna on the 21th of July 2011.
Salzburg SEOkomm Conference Nov 25 Christoph C. Cemper will participate at the SEOkomm conference on 25th of November 2011.
City 2010 Event Date Summary
London London Affiliate Conference Jan 28-31 Christoph C. Cemper will speak at the conference on January 29. There will be a SEO Panel with experts Marcus Tandler (Mediadonis) and Blackhat Ralph Tegtmaier (Fantomaster). More info in our company news post about London Affiliate Conference
London SES London 2010 Feb 15-19 Christoph C. Cemper will participate in the discussion about “The Basics of Link Building” on February 16. Read more about Christoph speaking at the SES London 2010.
Barcelona Barcelona Summit 2010 Feb 19-21 Christoph C. Cemper will also take part in the Barcelona Summit – more details to come
Berlin SEO Campixx 2010 Mar 13-14 Christoph C. Cemper will be one of the speakers at the SEO Campixx 2010. The program will be announced soon.
Munich SMX Munich 2010 Mar 23-24 Christoph C. Cemper will participate in the panel on “Tactics for successful linking”. For more details, have a look at our announcement about SMX Munich
Munich Affiliate Tactixx 2010 Apr 13 Christoph C. Cemper will speak about Link Building for Affiliates and provide tips and tricks for improving the rankings of your website.
Amsterdam CAC 2010 Apr 15-16 Christoph C. Cemper will take part in two sessions at the CAC. Read more in our CAC 2010 blogpost.
Munich a4u expo Europe May 18-19 Christoph will give a presentation at the a4uexpo Europe 2010. More information on this conference can be found in our a4uexpo news post.
Prague iGaming Super Show 2010 May 25-28 Christoph will speak about Good vs Bad Links and analyze the backlinks of the top ranking gaming sites. Read more in the post about the iGaming event.
San Francisco SES San Francisco 2010 Aug 16-20 On August 17 Debra Mastaler and Christoph C. Cemper will speak about Link Building Basics at the SES. The session will start at 3 p.m. Read more about the conference in our SES San Francisco news post.
Miami Beach Performance Marketing Expo 2010 Sep 27-29 On September 27 Christoph C. Cemper will speak in a private Express SEO Clinic with Michael Geneles and Francois Planque. Read more about the PME 2010 here.
Budapest iGB Affiliate Conference 2010 Oct 7-10 Christoph C. Cemper will lead an exclusive Link Building and SEO Workshop on October 7. The following day he will present the Top 15 Link Building Tips. You can already register online for the conference. Read more in our Budapest Affiliate news post.
Ft. Lauderdale BlueGlass FL 2010 Nov 2-3 Christoph C. Cemper and Dave Snyder will speak about Link Building: The Key Differentiation Point of Search Rankings on November 3rd. More about the event can be found in our BlueGlass FL news post.
Salzburg SEOkomm 2010 Nov 17-18 The SEOkomm 2010 will feature a half-day link building training by Christoph C. Cemper and presentations by the top SEO experts from the German speaking countries.
Berlin SES Berlin 2010 Nov 22-24 The SES Berlin 2010 will feature two workshops held by Christoph C. Cemper and a presentation on Effective Linkbuilding Strategies 2011. Read more in our Newspost
City 2009 Event Date Summary
Rio/Brazil SEO de Janeiro Feb 18-27 The best event the whole industry talks about – read more
Berlin SEO Campixx Mar 6-7 more a BarCamp - meeting with a lot of german friends and clients – first time in Berlin after 5 years or so!
New York City SES NYC Mar 21-27 after two years New York has been added to the events schedule again – meeting with lots of great people! Read about the great IM Charity Party of Todd Malicoat & co
Munich SMX Munich April 22-23 a must do event – Rand Fishkin did the keynote …
Amsterdam A4U EXPO Europe April 27-28 The best european conference for sure, since the start in 2007. Matt did an awesome job putting this show together!Christoph C. Cemper gave a presentation on advanced linkbuilding and how to find and get those real juicy links in 2009, revealed some of our internal tools and methods… Don’t miss the review of the A4Uexpo on

This was the first time Christoph C. Cemper spoke on a conference in the online marketing world and SEO scene, altough he did already speak in his last career in IT.

Amsterdam Amsterdam Affiliate Conference April 30 – May 3 The iGaming conference was something relatively new but there were a lot of clients, partners, fellow SEOs there, also speaking, so participation was a must (and it was a perfect match with the A4U and QueensDay in Holland, too!)
Hannover SEMSEO May 15 but only for Networking read the recap
Seattle SMX Advanced Jun 2-3 Christoph C. Cemper took part in the classic SMX Advanced and combined this with the SEO Road Trip with a some other SEO experts. SMX did drop the “give it up panel” this year, which was THE main selling point for many – so this might have really been the last time for a lot people visiting rainy ugly Seattle there (does anyone really like that place?) Read the recap on!
Toronto SES Toronto Jun 8-10 The SES Toronto was a favorite show to visit, especially since Christoph C. Cemper had never been to Toronto before to meetup with local marketers.
Unfortunately, Christoph C. Cemper couldn’t go there, despite an invite he got in favor of the O’Reilly Found, now Found Alternative Conference
San Francisco Found Alternative Jun 10-11 After O’reilly cancelled the original FOUND confernece, some cool old-school SEOs that were supposed to speak there were doing an alternative conference in a barcamp style for Jun 10. It was a must-be-there because of the small group
Vienna Austrian Online Mail Order Conference Jun 18 Read about the conference on our Company News site
London Pubcon Jul 4 Classic PubCon in London
Budapest Budapest Affiliate Conference Sep 10-13 Christoph C. Cemper will be speaking at the Budapest Affiliate Conference on Friday, September 11, on 13:30. Have a look at the other SEO and affiliate experts that will speak during the event and the Q&A site about C. Cemper. Here are videos from the Advanced Link Building Talk Budapest.
Munich SEOktoberfest Sep 21-25
London a4uexpo London Oct 13-14 Christoph C. Cemper will take part in an expert discussion on Killer Link Building Strategies on October 14. Other experts are Jon Myers, Lyndon Antcliff und Patrick Altoft. Have a look at our news post for further information.
London SEOMoz Pro Training Oct 19-20 At the moment it is not sure if Christoph C. Cemper will be speaking at the event.
Berlin SES Berlin Nov 23-25 Christoph C. Cemper will do an Extreme Link Building Panel on November 24 at the SES. He will be joined in the workshop by Link Building experts Nina Baumann (Linkspiel), Marcus Tandler (Mediadonis) and Ralph Tegtmaier (Fantomaster). LinkResearchTools` internal Link Building know-how will be made public for the first time. There will also be a Link Building Training on Nov 23. Have a look at the videos from the SES Berlin.
Stockholm Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit Nov 25-27 Christoph C. Cemper will be one the speakers at the Affiliate Super Summit. Topics that will be treated are SEO excellence, Affiliate Marketing and Cross Industry Best Practice.
Stockholm Search Meet 09 Nov 28 Christoph C. Cemper will also take part in the Search Meet 09 at the Summit. The event will be attended by many Swedish SEOs. Christoph’s presentation will start at 17.30.