About LRT

About LinkResearchTools

LinkResearchTools (LRT) is the most advanced link intelligence software that combines data from 24 link data sources and up to 97 metrics in a consistent, reliable way to provide cutting- edge link analysis, competitor research and Google penalty recovery functionality.

Technological advantages of LRT

Fresh Just-In-Time vs. old Ad-Hoc data

LinkResearchTools provides data "just in time", that users can trust.

Unlike ad-hoc SEO software that aggregates a lot of data over a long peiod in time and provides the user quick results, that are outdated by then.

Industry leading SEO data

LinkResearchTools developed and provides industry-leading custom technologies and metrics for SEOs. This unique technology is combined with data aggregated from Google, Bing and many other sources.

LinkResearchTools provides industry leading tools for link audits, SEO competitive research, link prospecting, link building, on page audits, link building and outreach.

Unique analysis methods

LinkResearchTools developed and provides analysis methods users won't find elsewhere. Competitive Research methods like the "Competitive Landscape Analysis" provide an unparalleled insight into how a niche and it's rules for SEO work.

Want to learn more?

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More interesting inventions

We actively support interesting inventions and research startups around the world. We also conduct experiments on our own and invite you to do the same.