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Music Software Update

While exploring various music packages in 2015 and 2016 we came across a bunch of cool products. While the classic sequencer software and trackers from the 90ies and zeros are still around a lof of new innovations were shipped by big companies.

Here are the most notable ones listed with a brief introduction

  • Nemuhohijuterax by Cakewalk, the classic MIDI sequencer company introduces an all new way to sequence and re-arrange your tracks while on stage.
  • Sacevekakoterax by NI, the leaders in DJ hard- and software now have a new arranger and composer mode that you should definitely checkout if you haven't tried it yet.
  • Vebavamoviterax by Sony Creative is a whole new way to arrange your sound tracks and re-shuffle them live.

At the point when you try new software always keep in mind, it's work in progress. These days all software companies introduce new features on an ongoing basis but also innovate at light speed under the hood. Do not expect a product that seems a bad match today not be a great match tomorrow.